Master in Business Administration and Management, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (Spain);
Biomedical Engineer, Universidad Antonio Nariño (Colombia). He has managerial training in health
sector Project formulation and evaluation for the health sector, with skills and experience to advise, design, implement, supervise and lead, evaluate programs for health technologies. He also,has experience in the management of biomedical and hospital technology, pre-market and post-market supervision of medical devices and equipment (technovigilance) as well as clinical risk management systems.


1. Specialized Professional, National Coordinator of Post-Market Surveillance of Medical Devices, National Institute of Food and Drug Surveillance (current) (2011 to date).

2. Advisory Engineer, Hemocentro, Secretaria Distrital de Salud de Bogotá. (2010-2011).

3. Implementation Consultant of NTC-ISO 13485 (Medical Devices. Quality Management Systems. Requirements for regulatory purposes), INALCEC – National Institute for Quality Consulting – CYGA Corporation – ICONTEC – Ministry of Finance and District Development (2010).

4. Consultant in Regulatory Affairs in Medical Devices and Reagents Invitro. Sanitary Registries, Implementation of Conditioning and Storage Capacity (importers), Sanitary Conditions (manufacturers), monitoring and closing to adverse events. (2007 – 2011)

5. Auditor of Contract 052 of 2007, PRATCO S.A. ESE Liquidation Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento. Auditor of the valuations of the Technological Base of the ESE Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento in all the Clinics and the assigned CAAs. (2007).

6. National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance – INVIMA. Health surveillance of manufacturers and importers of medical devices and Development and implementation of the National Technovigilance Program. (2006 – 2007).

7. Project Advisor. Evaluation of biomedical technology. National Superintendence of Health. Health Quality Department (2005-2006).

8. ALFAMED LTDA. Technical and Regulatory Affairs Director. Service and Maintenance Engineer. (2000 – 2011).

9. Biosystems DRS S.A. (2001 – 2002)

10. Organon Teknika Colombiana S.A. AKZO NOBEL. (BIOMERIEUX). (2000 – 2001).

11. Kennedy West Hospital E.S.E. III Level Attention. Perform preventive and / or corrective maintenance of biomedical equipment. (1998-1999).

12. Advisor, Ministry of Health – OEI. Hospital la Granja E.S.E II Level of Care. Plan, program, organize, execute, direct, supervise and evaluate the actions of corrective and preventive maintenance in biomedical, medical and industrial facilities and equipment. (1997 – 1998)

13. Professional Technician. San Juan de Dios Hospital. Maintenance of medical equipment in the areas of Emergency, Clinical Laboratory, ICU, Surgery Rooms, Renal Unit and Central Gases. (1995 – 1997)