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The IV INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CLINICAL ENGINEERING, ICCE 2019 will focus on the “value creation in hospital management: technology, development, and innovation”. This event is held every two years by the Pontificia Bolivariana University, the ITM University Institution, the Antioquia University and the EIA University, with the collaboration of RUTA N and the support of associations, hospital institutions, government entities and companies that look for improving the well-being of communities throughout the development and management of technology in healthcare and innovation.

This congress creates the opportunity to reinforce the interaction between professionals, institutions that provide healthcare services, state entities involved in the regulation associated with the use of equipments, infrastructure and medical devices, the academy, the technology generating companies and other areas as well, creating bonds of work through the socialization of their developments and innovative proposals and creators of value, which impact the attention in the healthcare sector and patient security.


  • Reinforce the academic community related to Clinical Engineering in the national and international range.
  • Promote the union and teamwork among the university institutions operating in this area.
  • Reinforce the relationship between University Company State (UCS).
  • Promote the development and intensification of the Industry in the Clinical Engineering area, in its different modalities, as well as the products and services related to this activity.
  • Encourage the technological and commercial exchange of companies that produce, trade in and provide services in the area of Clinical Engineering.
  • Broadcast the progress of the industry in the Clinical Engineering’s field.

Target audience: Managers, administrators, general managers, systems directors, biomedical engineering directors, telemedicine and biotech directors, managers of buildings and structures, managers of operations and maintenance, directors of research and development, heads of general services, consultants, advisors, architects, and engineers of hospitals and clinics infrastructures. Researchers, university teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals from companies and institutions providing healthcare services, government specialists, experts of financial and cooperation agencies, professionals who labor in private consultants, students of related areas and people interested in politics and management of hospital technology and innovation in the region.

Meet our Speakers

Call for papers

Our invitation includes all those interested in the topics described in the Congress, who seek to generate value in the healthcare service provision starting from the development, use, sustainability, technology management and innovation to present the research projects articles in the following topics:

  1. Evaluation of healthcare technology.
  2. Management of medical equipment in hospitals.
  3. ICT and medical informatics.
  4. Healthcare Operations / Projects Administration.
  5. Clinical risk management, security, preparation against emergencies.
  6. Development of innovative devices.
  7. Design of sanitary installations.
  8. Technologies for home care.
  9. International norms and regulations.
  10. Education, certification, training.
  11. Artificial intelligence, Big Data.
  12. Global challenges, sustainable development.
  13. Successful experiences in Hospital Technology Management.

The selected articles must fulfill the requirements exposed here and will be published as a chapter of the Congress memoir that will count with ISBN.

The dates associated with the academic process are:

Reception: From April 29th to the 20th of July Evaluation: From May 16th to July 30th Answers: From July 16th to August 10th

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Event Management Team
  • Beatriz Janeth Galeano Upegui – Presidente Congreso
  • Javier Hernando Garcia Ramos – Vicepresidente
  • Juan Guillermo Barreneche Ospina
  • Javier Enrique Cogollo Camacho
  • Nelson Javier Escobar Mora
  • Juan Camilo Guerrero Valencia
  • Ana Milena Yepes Montoya


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